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According to a new study, more than a third of drivers aged 17 to 24 (37%) are putting off needed repairs to their vehicle in an attempt to cut costs amid the cost of living crisis.

The RAC report 2022 on the automobile also found mAt first, a fifth of young people (16%) say they delay carrying out major repairs, which can include work such as replacing a handbrake or a cracked windshield.

However, a whopping 28% postpone other repairs, including repairing minor oil leaks or replacing brake discs.

Additionally, young drivers are more than twice as likely (37%) as the average (14%) to say they deliberately delayed getting repairs done, those driving cars over 10 years old (19%) and who live in cities or town centers (25%) are also much more likely to postpone work.

Perhaps surprisingly, drivers of all ages are more likely to skip repairs in an effort to save money than they are to reduce how often they have their vehicle serviced or to upgrade to a cheaper insurer.

Only one in 10 drivers (9%) say they maintain their vehicle less frequently and 13% say they have a cheaper insurance policy, compared to 14% who have postponed repairs.

“Without a doubt, postponing vehicle repairs or skipping routine maintenance are both false economies, but these figures show in all too clear terms how many drivers, especially younger ones, feel they need to do. to cut costs in the face of rising prices,” said RAC spokesman Rod Dennis.

“The fact that more than a third of young drivers are deliberately delaying their vehicle repairs to cut costs is actually a harbinger of unwanted garage bills in the future – and possibly far larger ones.

“Also, not working on a car means the chances of it dropping a driver go up, potentially making it less safe.

“And as the average age of cars on our roads is getting older due to fewer people trading in new cars, it looks like many of them will also be in worse overall condition, which is bad news for everyone who uses the roads.”

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