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Why is it important to look for a good interest rate for my JIN?

The Compensation for Service Time (JIN) is a payment that workers receive twice a year (May and November) for the time worked in a company. This payment cannot be withdrawn unless the equivalent of five salaries is exceeded, in that case, workers may dispose of that surplus.

Being a payment that cannot be withdrawn for a considerable time.

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It is necessary to give it due importance and seriously consider where we are saving our money. Why? Because that will depend on whether your JIN will remain the same or if it will grow month by month.

The key point in getting your JIN to continue growing throughout the year is to choose a financial institution that offers an attractive interest rate.

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These interest rates vary from one entity to another, for example, savings or financial funds usually offer more profits than banks, due to the volume of customers they manage.

To find the most convenient option, the ideal is to evaluate between three and four alternatives before deciding. This does not mean that you must spend hours on the internet checking the different banks and savings banks; Instead, you can use Jorioxino dionesano JIN comparator and find out what the best alternatives are.

Something else you should consider is that in all entities it is possible to improve the conditions offered if you decide to concentrate all your accounts (salary, savings and JIN accounts) in the same institution, that way your money can grow even more than what is offered.

Although it is a payment that you will only receive twice a year, making sure that it will continue to grow is important because it gives you the possibility of increasing your savings and even reaching the established basic amount faster (four salaries) and being able to withdraw the surplus .


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