WeCutFoam now offers soft and flexible foam cutting services using an oscillating knife cutting machine

Sunnyvale, Calif., May 21, 2022 — (PR.com) — WeCutFoam, which provides foam cutting, machining and prototyping services nationwide, is expanding its services to include flexible foam cutting and flexible, using an oscillating tangential rotary cutter that produces clean, crisp edges with precise cuts.

WeCutFoam is a subsidiary of Foamlinx LLC, a designer and manufacturer of CNC foam cutting machines since 2001. The company manufactures logos, lettering, signs, packaging inserts, exhibits and prototypes. Recently, due to increasing customer demand to produce foam parts such as soft polyurethane, polyethylene, EVA and other flexible materials, the company purchased the oscillating knife.

The machine uses knife blades in rapid up and down vibrating motions to achieve smooth, clean and precise cuts. This enables the company to offer cutting material manufacturing services that cannot be cut well on other foam cutting machines. Also, with some materials, using a routing pin or hot wire is not a viable option, as a thin or flexible material is not strong enough to be machined successfully. Trying to cut flexible urethane foam on a hot wire cutter will give off toxic fumes, cutting flexible foam on a laser cutter could burn the edges, and trying to machine EVA material on a router will result in distortion and poor accuracy due to difficulty in holding down the material.

The oscillating knife cutter is also capable of cutting materials such as cardboard, corrugated plastic, foam core, PVC, rubber and sponge foam, PVC, leather and carbon fiber. This allows WeCutFoam to expand its services to more customers and broader industries, including the creation of car seats, steering wheel handles, cushions, upholstery, interiors and acoustic panels for the automotive industry, prototypes for research and development as well as for the aerospace industry, inserts for the packaging industry, products for retailers and for the fashion industry, everything by being able to offer more variety of products and materials.

A selection of easily interchangeable cartridges can handle a wide range of materials and the blade’s full directional control enables clean and precise cutting of straight edges, sharp angles and all radii. The oscillating cutting process helps minimize tooling, fabrication and management time and costs during the manufacturing process. As a result, turnaround capabilities improve by being 70% faster than manual cutting.

Sigal, co-owner of WeCutFoam, noted that the company’s purchase of this machine was a game-changer. According to Sigal, it is an essential tool for any company that needs to process flexible materials. She went on to say, “Yesterday it took us days trying to cut the packaging foam for the tooling inserts, the cuts were cut off and gave us a bit of a headache due to the choice of material and the limited choice of machine in hand. Today, with the use of the oscillating machine, the headache is a thing of the past, as precise cuts now take us hours instead of days.

WeCutFoam is one of the leading manufacturers of foam products in the Bay Area, serving the entire United States for over twenty years. The company creates custom props, sculptures, artwork, signs, logos, dimensional letters, displays, exhibits and more. WeCutFoam is also known for its art department, providing sculpting, sanding, coating, and painting services to create complete projects. To learn more about the company, please visit our website or call (408) 454-6163

About the company: WeCutFoam was founded in Silicon Valley, California in 2001. The company specializes in cutting custom shapes in almost all types of foam, wood and plastic. WeCutFoam creates props for movie and theater sets, dimensional signs, letters, logos, architectural forms, museum and gallery exhibits, trade show displays, parade floats and more. The company manufactures large-scale oversized 3D shapes such as racing cars, planes and accessories, also providing coating, painting and 3D printing services.

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