Warner Robins auto shop accused of making incomplete repairs

Jared Koepp says repairs to his son’s car would turn into a three-month nightmare.

“My 15-year-old son worked for a year to save money to get his first car when he was 16, so we found this company, called the guy, he said, ‘Yeah, no We can have it fixed in a week,” he recalls.

Koepp says he should have recognized the red flags early, but the more he spoke with the owner, the clearer they became.

“I’m going to need the money up front, so we gave him $4,000 up front. He said his printer and credit card machine were broken. I didn’t really think about that. to nothing at the time, he asked for a Cash App so we made him Cash App him $4,000 that day,” he said.

He’s not alone – multiple complaints to the Better Business Bureau say owner Logan Simmons asked for money up front for repairs but kept the vehicles for up to 9 months. Some say the store took parts from their car and would not return.

“When you see 8 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, that’s usually just the tip of the iceberg,” Kelvin Collins said.

The office’s Kelvin Collins says he couldn’t find any Georgia laws that specify how long mechanics can keep your car. He says it’s usually a civil case, but could become a criminal case.

“Really, what you need to look at is the intent. Is the intent of the business to defraud the consumer? If so, then that’s something that could be criminally prosecuted” , said Collins.

Collins advises people to do their research, get agreements in writing, and use payment methods like credit cards, which Koepp, in hindsight, wishes he did.

“I would just like to warn people not to give your money to this company, definitely read the reviews. I understand I’m in a long battle right now and I just don’t want anyone else to have to take care of it,” he insisted.

Collins says the repair shop didn’t respond to any of the complaints, so he reported them to the state attorney general. As for Koepp, he says he plans to file a civil suit. We went to the store and asked to speak to Simmons, but he didn’t answer.

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