The Top 5 Home Repairs You Really Should Fix Before Winter Comes

Beyond the exterior foundations of your home, before winter arrives, it is recommended that you take a walk in your basement and also perform the essential maintenance of the interior foundations of your home. According American Leak Detection, basement leaks are a common household phenomenon whenever there is a buildup of moisture outside, which can affect your interior foundation walls. Unfortunately, winter is a season that is very prone to leaks due to snow accumulation and melting. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to seal your basement walls and prevent those leaks from happening this winter.

Begin, True value indicates that you must first locate the area of ​​the leak and determine if anything other than moisture from outside may be the source of the leak. After making sure the leak isn’t caused by a bigger problem in your home, you can start prepping the area. To prepare the sealer, start by soaking up any excess water in the area. Then, thoroughly clean any mold, mildew, dirt, or debris from the area. Once the area is prepped and cleaned, apply two coats of putty to the wall. One coat should be applied with a nylon or polyester brush, and the other can be applied with a regular brush or roller. Finally, let the sealer dry and your interior walls will be ready for winter.

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