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The global Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) market size will gain remarkable momentum during the forecast period, owing to the growing demand for high-quality communication services for people with speech and language impairments. the hearing. Governments are putting in place favorable policies and providing financial support to companies that research various technologies to improve communication services. Here are some of the major trends enhancing the potential of the global market:

  • Asia-Pacific (regional valuation will reach USD 1 billion)

The demand for video relay services will grow:

The video relay services segment held more than 20% of the telecommunications relay services market share in Asia-Pacific in 2020, as this service facilitates quick and easy interactions through video-based sign language. It does not require a TTY device and is becoming very popular among customers as it enables smooth communication between parties. The service does not have a text input feature, which makes it much easier for users to send their messages to the CA using sign language.

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Traditional relay services will facilitate communication:

Traditional relay technology captured more than 40% of the regional industry share in 2020. Reliance on communication assistants (CAs) is increasing in call centers across the region. The CA is an intuitive software that has many collaboration tools.

It calls the desired number and turns a text message into a voice note. This audio message is then relayed to the other person as text, thus completing the communication loop. This operating flexibility will fuel the adoption of traditional relay technologies.

Chinese industry forecasts will improve significantly:

China’s telecommunications relay service (TRS) market revenue will exceed USD 100 million by 2027. According to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, the country had nearly 20 million citizens diagnosed with some form of hearing problems and in 2019. Leading companies across the country are signing strategic partnership agreements to provide advanced communication solutions to the deaf community.

  • Europe (regional valuation will exceed USD 2 billion)

Adoption of IP relay solutions will increase:

Europe telecommunications relay services market size Internet Protocol (IP) relay services will register a CAGR of over 5% through 2027. These services provide TRS using a computer or other web-based device. IP Relay solutions are offered over the Internet through a web page interface, unlike a traditional TRS, thus improving the quality of communication.

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Extensive use of the product by regional governments:

On an end-use basis, the public sector held around 65% of the European industry share in 2020 due to the introduction of supportive policies to develop high-quality telecommunications services. Renowned technology companies such as T-Mobile USA Inc. provide premium Spanish relay services to regional customers. Funding for these solutions is provided by the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. These initiatives will drive adoption of the services across the region.

The outlook for UK industry will remain progressive:

The UK Telecommunication Relay Services Market will reach USD 400 million in revenue by 2027. Governments and businesses in the region are focused on providing the deaf community with premium communication services such as TRS and are taking important decisions in this regard.

For example, Ofcom in February 2021 offered suggestions for providing video relay services to deaf people. Under this initiative, organizations in the UK are required to offer these services in British Sign Language (BSL).

  • North America (regional valuation will reach USD 2 billion)

Subtitled telephone services over IP will constitute an effective communication medium:

North America Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Market Size IP-captioned telephone services will observe a CAGR of around 5% through 2027. The region is experiencing high internet penetration, which has prompted telecom companies to use IP technology in combination with IP-captioned telephone services. -titled (CTS). These solutions enable deaf people to take advantage of the enhanced functionality offered by IP technology in their workplace and home.

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The role of TRS in personal use will grow in importance:

The personal end-use segment accounted for more than 20% of the regional market share in 2020, as there is a high demand for mobile devices among deaf people. TRS traffic is also increasing every year and companies are focusing on meeting the demand for telecom services, which will positively affect service adoption.

The United States will be a profitable market for TRS solutions:

The U.S. telecommunications relay services market is expected to generate over $1 billion in revenue by 2027 owing to the widespread penetration of such solutions and favorable initiatives launched by the government. According to the US Federal Communications Commission, nearly all 50 states in the country have access to these services. Governments are also partnering with private companies to expand access to TRS solutions.

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