Technical News | Nippon Steel Company exhibits auto parts in Japan

Yokohama [Japan]June 10 (ANI): Automakers participated in an exhibition to learn about the future of the auto industry.

The Japanese company Nippon Steel produces a number of auto parts.

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Mitsuru Egami of Nippon Steel said, “As a steel manufacturer, we work on two themes: ‘carbon neutral’ in ‘monodzukuri’ aims for zero carbon in steel production, and ‘carbon neutral’ in the society “.

“The “NSafe-Auto Concept XEV”, which is shown on the back, uses lightweight materials to lighten the body of a car on a curved surface. And electromagnetic steel plates for EV motors, and how to make batteries with lighter iron.We have had a long deal with car manufacturers, where we have grown them.We have the know-how of iron making in various manufacturing fields and also the know-how to make pieces,” said Égami.

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“We hope to realize the ‘NSafe-Auto concept’ we propose to provide customers with high strength materials, structures, construction method and finished part evaluation in the future,” Egami added.

Nissan has declared “Nissan Ambition 2030” to portray the future picture of mobility, introducing initiatives in electric vehicles, the latest electric motor and driver assistance technologies.

Masahiro Egami added that the electric vehicle can enjoy environmental benefits and very high quality driving.

“We are introducing our unique e-power system technology, which allows the driver to experience a quiet, smooth and powerful engine in gasoline vehicles. The e-power is very surprising for many customers, and once you get there, many customers say they can’t go back to their original gasoline car,” said Masahiro Egami.

Japan is famous for its automotive technology.

Technology from Japanese automakers and parts manufacturers will contribute to the global automobile society with a clean environment. (ANI)

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