Performance Brokerage Services Advises on Sale of Evansville Kia of Duell and Evansville Hyundai of Duell, Indiana

Lou Fusz is ready for future growth and we look forward to working with Performance Brokerage Services on future transactions.

Performance Brokerage Services, North America’s largest volume dealer brokerage firm, is pleased to announce the sale of Doug Duell and Amish Patel’s Duell’s Evansville Kia and Duell’s Evansville Hyundai of Indiana. The Kia dealership was acquired by Lou Fusz Automotive Network, and the Hyundai dealership was acquired by Joe Marshall and Barnes Crossing Auto Group.

Duell’s Evansville Kia and Hyundai dealerships are located in the Street Auto Plaza Division, less than half a mile from each other. The Kia dealership had been owned by Duell for over 40 years, while the Hyundai dealership was acquired by Duell in 2011.

The Hyundai dealership has been the recipient of several awards, including Indiana’s #1 Volume Hyundai Dealership, Tri-State’s #1 Volume Hyundai Dealership, and the Hyundai President’s Award.

This transaction was exclusively facilitated by Paul Kechnie and Mark Shackelford, Texas & Midwest Partners of Performance Brokerage Services.

Following the sale, Duell said, “I highly recommend Performance Brokerage Services. Mark Shackelford and Paul Kechnie provided us with professional advice when putting our dealers up for sale. They got us a great deal and also made sure the deal was done. It’s clear they have the connections, knowledge and experience to create a positive transaction. »

Patel echoed his partner’s sentiments, sharing, “Mark Shackelford and the Performance Brokerage Services team are outstanding at what they do. Mark kept me up to date on all issues as they arose and handled several hurdles in a professional and timely manner. Mark facilitated the sales process for two dealerships. Mark is now a dear friend of mine, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in future transactions. I am a lifelong customer of Mark. I would highly recommend Mark and Performance Brokerage to anyone considering buying or selling a dealership. You won’t regret working with Mark and will also gain a true friend along the way.”

Over the past 5 years, Performance Brokerage Services has advised the sale of over 300 dealerships, making it the largest dealership brokerage firm in North America. In 2021, the company completed 72 transactions, marking a record year. Mark Shackelford commented, “We would like to thank Doug Duell and Amish Patel for allowing us to manage the sale of their Kia and Hyundai dealerships in Evansville, Indiana. It has been a privilege to represent them and pass on their legacy to new owners, Randy Fusz and Joe Marshall. It was certainly one of the most interesting transactions in which I participated. In the end, we accomplished what we set out to do and crossed the finish line. We wish Randy Fusz and Joe Marshall the best of luck with their new dealerships, and we’d also like to thank both of their teams for helping to bring about a successful closing! »

The Kia dealership marks the second of its franchise for Lou Fusz Automotive Network. The group has been serving St. Louis and surrounding areas since 1952 and has remained family-owned and operated for the past 70 years, spanning three generations of Fusz leaders. Today, Lou Fusz Automotive Network offers 17 brands in 13 dealerships in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

Randy Fusz, President and COO of Lou Fusz Automotive Network, shared the following: “I would like to thank Performance Brokerage Services for all the hard work they put into completing our purchase/sale with Duell’s Evansville Kia. Specifically, the efforts of Paul Kechnie and Mark Shackelford made the process smooth, transparent and led to a successful transition between companies. As you know, there are many hurdles to cross when buying/selling. Manufacturer applications, asset purchase agreements, property inspections, as well as day-to-day communication between parties are all complex elements of a successful change of ownership. Paul and Mark provided regular updates, necessary access, and fulfilled requests in a manner that kept the transaction private from the dealership’s frontline employees. Managing sensitive information is vital in a buy/sell, and they did it successfully. Lou Fusz is ready for future growth, and we look forward to working with Performance Brokerage Services on future transactions.

The acquisition of Hyundai marks the 14th franchised dealership for Barnes Crossing Auto Group. Founded in 2010, the company was formed by the Marshall and Kilpatrick families when they joined together to acquire their first dealership in Tupelo, Mississippi. The group remained family owned and operated and expanded into Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana and Indiana. Barnes Crossing currently has the largest Hyundai and Mazda dealerships in the state of Mississippi.

The Kia dealership will remain at its current location at 4000 East Division Street in Evansville, Indiana and has been renamed Lou Fusz Kia Evansville.

The Hyundai dealership will remain at its current location at 4400 East Division Street in Evansville, Indiana and has been renamed Hyundai of Evansville.

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