MX3D M1 Metal AM System to be used for auto parts

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A metal M1 AM system from Dutch company MX3D was installed at BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Campus in Munich, Germany. With the M1 Metal AM system, the BMW Group has acquired one of the most advanced configurations in the market for robotic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). This will allow the company’s engineers to explore the potential of this highly flexible and productive method of metal additive manufacturing.

The acquisition represents the continuation of a series of successful R&D projects by BMW Group in collaboration with MX3D. The company said it looks forward to future WAAM projects that will be led by BMW Group and enabled by their new in-house WAAM capabilities.

“The acquisition of M1 by BMW Group shows that the founding mission of MX3D – to develop and industrialize metal 3D printing, in order to make it available to high-impact industries – is becoming a reality. Exciting!” comments Gijs van der Velden, CEO of MX3D.

While the BMW Group AM campus will mainly conduct research on the system, it is very significant that M1 systems are now being implemented in the automotive segment, as this is one of the very first public cases of adoption of WAAM technology by a major car manufacturer. MX3D previously targeted experimental high-visibility projects, such as the first and only metallic pedestrian bridge installed in Amsterdam, and later found relevant business opportunities in the maritime segment, where larger parts are more common and production numbers per unit are generally much lower.

WAAM technology has potential for adoption in the production of automotive chassis components, but examples seen to date have been limited to experimental and conceptual projects. Another possible use in the automotive segment is, of course, for the manufacture of nearly net-shaped metal tools and dies for metal casting.

The MX3D M1 Metal AM system offers a turnkey WAAM solution to start printing large-scale metal components with every weldable alloy. This setup features MetalXL, MX3D’s dedicated WAAM solution, giving users the complete print workflow from design to print in one go, including advanced process control, monitoring and analysis. . MX3D provides the M1 Metal AM system and MetalXL solution worldwide, tailoring the system to each customer’s manufacturing needs.

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