Muldowney: Continued Customerization in Automotive Services: Customer Loyalty


With so many options to choose from, automotive service customers need a good reason not to just follow convenience and, sometimes, price. More than ever, today’s empowered consumers move quickly from competitor to competitor until their needs are met. Some never find a supplier they want to “settle in” with, but in most cases they look for one. Relationships are easier: they become reliable and they allow the customer to feel recognized and appreciated. The opportunity is there.

“One size fits all” is a losing strategy now. New customers need a reason to come back, and a good experience tops the list. Nurturing and growing that relationship – to achieve continuous personalization – means capturing and leveraging data so you can deliver targeted communications that are perfectly tailored to their needs. Earning their loyalty requires the kind of attention they have become accustomed to in other industries.

The data is there – who they are, where they live, and all of their predictable vehicle needs. It tells you everything you need to know to respond to their demand for more relevant communications. But data means nothing without action; loyalty must be earned. Turning a consumer into a customer and nurturing that relationship means connecting with his life, making his life easier and making him feel valued. Sometimes it also means thinking hard and sacrificing income with an offer that will end up earning well beyond the initial minimum loss. The use of data allows the supplier to become strategic.

By putting continuous patronage to work, automotive service providers can identify the best approach for the highest ROI relationships. They can track data to deliver the right message at the right time, often before customers ask for it. And they can anticipate competitor visits in the process. It’s time to act: today’s empowered consumers demand the personalized experience of continuous personalization before rewarding their business and loyalty.


Rick Muldowney is the director of analytics for digm Group, a marketing agency that combines complex data analytics and marketing technology to create a holistic customer view with information that drives businesses forward.


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