Marble Financial Inc says mortgage service provider RateShop Inc is launching Connect API and open banking software Inverite on its platform

Marble Financial Inc. (CSE:MRBL, OTC:MRBLF) announced that Canadian mortgage brokerage service provider RateShop Inc has launched the Marble Connect application programming interface (API) and open banking software from Inverite on its platform.

RateShop specializes in connecting customers with competitive mortgage offers that match their preferences and credit profiles. It enjoys access to over 65 financial institutions, including banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders.

The Connect API and Inverite software will allow RateShop customers to receive accurate credit scores, access MyMarble’s comprehensive financial programs and tools, and AI-powered credit enhancement solutions, in addition to making verify their banking information in near real time, Marble said in a statement.

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The company added that RateShop’s platform should be able to produce greater customer retention due to the “strong value proposition” for its users, and speed up its decision-making process to accelerate integration of new customers.

Doug Tanner, vice president of business and corporate development at Marble, told investors the deal highlights the significant traction Marble is getting with its B2B solutions.

“Since launching our Connect API, we have signed license agreements for Connect and Inverite with several leading companies with impressive depth and breadth of operations that span industry sectors such as financial and banking services, automotive service companies and mortgage brokers, allowing our products to reach all of their underlying customers to support the growth of new users of our platform,” said Tanner.

“As RateShop expands its operations, we intend to continue to help RateShop deliver greater value to its customers through our exclusive technology offerings.”

Tanner highlighted the ability of Marble’s technology to be a factor in every major financial transaction a person may experience in their lifetime.

Help customers improve their credit scores

In 2021, RateShop experienced a significant increase in its customer base, leading it to license Marble’s advanced B2B technology solutions to serve its growing user base.

“By integrating MyMarble, RateShop allows customers to monitor and improve their credit score. We believe this will help customers budget, track and eliminate their debts by introducing good financial habits while finding the best mortgage solutions for their needs,” said Idda Ahmed. , Marketing Manager of RateShop.

Based in Vancouver, Marble and its proprietary platform MyMarble uses the power of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence to leverage its proven data-driven strategies through technology solutions Connect, Inverite, MyMarble, Fast-Track, Learn and Boost to engage and navigate a clear path to financial wellness and a meaningful credit score.

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