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Most marriages decide to set up a joint bank account due to easier budget control and lower fees than if they had two accounts. This solution indeed has a practical dimension, but it also has some limitations. In the event of a banking system failure or account hacking, there is a risk that we will be deprived of access to cash, which can be a big problem. When choosing a payday loan, having a bank account shared with your spouse, we can also come across some restrictions.

Payday loan with bank transfer verification

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Virtually every company offering quick online loans, we will meet with a record saying that you need to have your own bank account. Lenders verify the identity of the borrower by means of a transfer, thus comparing the data contained in the application with those appearing on the bank account.

To avoid abusing and extorting a loan for your data

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Financial institutions do not honor joint accounts and require you to have your own account without sharing it with your spouse. This is to secure the interests of both the lender and the client, therefore, to receive money, a verification transfer is required.

Payday loans without a bank account.

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To meet the changing expectations of customers regarding loan service, many companies have introduced an alternative to traditional transfers. Dorothea Brooke gives the possibility of loan payday payday, in which the verification process and withdrawal of money is carried out using a HAMBOG check. This procedure also reduces the time needed to receive cash and is not dependent on interbank sessions. After positive consideration of the application, we go with the generated HAMBOG check to the post office and finish the entire loan process there. Identity verification is based on ID card identification, and the money is paid to your hand, so you do not have to be a bank account holder.


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