Infrastructure repairs underway at the I-70 Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel – Colorado Department of Transportation

Clear Creek/Summit Counties – The Colorado Department of Transportation has begun repairing the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel (EJMT) infrastructure through a variety of construction projects. The first of the projects started in July and the other projects will be built over the next few years. The work should be completed in 2024.

The EJMT is almost 50 years old and its infrastructure is aging and obsolete. I-70 and the EJMT are a major Colorado corridor for regional and national commerce, recreational traffic, and access to mountain communities. The projects will repair some of the essential elements of the EJMT and improve conditions for the traveling public.

“These projects are part of CDOT’s 10-year plan, with funding made possible by Senate Bill 260 and the Bridge & Tunnel venture,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “I-70 is a crucial corridor for transporting goods and services such as medical supplies, food and other essentials and as such the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel is a piece of infrastructure vital to maintaining I-70 traffic safely and efficiently with repairs, while helping to extend the life of the tunnels and improve safety and connectivity for the traveling public.”

The first project, which will upgrade the westbound tunnel wall panels, began in mid-July with single-lane nighttime closures on I-70 westbound from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights. There is no closing during holidays. Sign up to receive weekly updates by emailing the project team at [email protected].

Below is a list of the different projects. Please visit the project webpage for more information on the expected construction schedules and impacts associated with each project:

  • Replace and repair grout beds that support the interior wall panels and repair steel shed issues (brackets that hold the wall panel in place) throughout the westbound tunnel. Work is underway.
  • Repair and improve drainage, plumbing and heating tape (an insulated electrical line that is hot and is used inside pipes to keep the water in them from freezing).
  • Modernization and repair of tunnel approaches/entrances.
  • Replace several overhead variable message signs and cameras in the tunnels used to monitor traffic and incidents.
  • Repair the roof.
  • Build a new CDOT maintenance shed on the west side/Summit County side of the tunnel.
  • Carry out semi-annual inspections of the tunnels.

Project Information

For more information on this project:

Know before you go

Travelers are urged to “inquire before you go”. Gather information on weather forecasts and anticipated impacts on travel and current road conditions before hitting the road. CDOT resources include:

Remember: slow for the cone area

The following tips are intended to help you stay safe when traveling through maintenance and construction work areas.

  • Do not accelerate in work zones. Obey the posted speed limits.
  • Stay alert! Expect the unexpected.
  • Watch the workers. Drive with caution.
  • Do not change lanes unnecessarily.
  • Avoid using mobile devices such as phones while driving through work areas.
  • Turn on the headlights so workers and other drivers can see you.
  • Be especially vigilant at night when driving through work zones.
  • Expect delays, especially during peak hours.
  • Leave enough space between you and the car in front of you.
  • Anticipate lane changes and merge when prompted.
  • Be patient!

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