Hummer EV buyers are turning to accessories since every option box has already been checked

Imagine telling someone in 2010 that by 2022 gas would cost over $4 a gallon and at the same time Hummer buyers would be lining up to pay over six figures to get their hands on the latest model. It turns out they’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure their personal vehicle has its own special touches, too.

Of course, the fact that the new Hummer is an electric vehicle has a role to play in this paradigm shift, but it is not the only one. As one of the most expensive vehicles in the General Motors family, the Hummer was not a guaranteed hit from the start.

Despite that, it’s proven to be a real money-maker for dealers, and no, we’re not talking about wild profit margins. One such dealer, Will Churchill of Frank Kent Motor Co, exposed the reality of the situation to Automotive News.

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“The Launch Edition came one way. It came with every option under the sun and then it was up to the individual to customize it with accessories,” he said. “As they release new models, they will start to take options out of those vehicles. Then the customer has the ability to add.

So not only was it important to make the new Hummer an all-electric vehicle, but it was also vital for GM to sell it immediately with virtually every extra option under the sun. Now buyers are trying to find a way to make their Hummer special and accessories are a great way to do that while making the vehicle even more practical. This includes motorized bedspreads, off-road lighting, etc.

Demand is so high that General Motors has decided to ramp up production of the 9,000-pound monster. The vice president of Global Buick and GMC told AN that the conversion rate on Hummer EV reservations is over 90% at this point.

He also explained why he thinks it’s such an easy sell right now despite so many more electrified mics being revealed. It’s like a “10,000 pound Ferrari that can go over rocks…I don’t care if the guy pulls up in a Porsche GT3 or a supercharged Rover or anything in between, they’re like kids when they get into this… Just thrilled.” We can’t say we disagree.

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