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How to set up a bank account traditionally?

The day is coming when we have to set up our first personal account. Despite the fact that we can do it via the internet, we put a personal ID in our pocket and go to the nearest branch of the bank. In the end, direct contact with the advisor gives you a greater sense of security and also allows you to quickly clear up any doubts.


A visit to a bank’s stationary facility


By opening an account, during a direct visit to the bank’s branch, we can count on the help of an adviser who will present us with a product offer and advise the best possible option. We recommend, however, to know earlier in the topic and to compare the offers of various banks yourself . After creating a list of the most interesting proposals, it is enough to go to a specific bank (if for some reason you do not want to set up an account via the Internet ), and then inform about the selection of the employee who serves us.

Advisor, for formalities, will tell us about the selected product and highlight the most important advantages of the proposed solution. In case of doubt, do not be afraid to ask additional questions – thanks to this we will save you potential disappointments in the future.


Completing the application

Completing the application

When the “yes” sacrament is over, the counselor will ask us to provide personal data and make a photocopy of the ID card. He can also ask us to answer a few simple questions. It is almost certain that the advisor will want to convince us to take advantage of additional services associated with the personal account. This may be, for example, payment card insurance, an internet banking system or a mobile application.


Signing a contract

Signing a contract

In the next step, we will be asked to read the contract and then sign it. Depending on our expectations, a bank employee can help us configure access to electronic banking or present the main functionalities of a mobile application . After completing all the formalities, we will receive copies of the account opening agreement and instructions that allow us to efficiently navigate the bank’s transaction system.


Activation of access channels

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The payment card is usually sent by post to the address indicated in the application. We will also receive a PIN code by separate shipment. All you need to do is activate such a card, for example by calling a special bank helpline (detailed information about the card will be sent to you along with the shipment), making a transaction using a PIN code or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

If we have not configured access to electronic banking at a bank branch, we must do it ourselves. The bank’s guidelines for this process may differ from each other. We will receive detailed directions from the consultant or by mail to our address. Personalizing our account, although simple, can be time – consuming – just setting a login and password is not enough.

The bank must first of all verify that it is us who own the account. It will often be necessary to provide such data as the identity card number, etc. A positive passage of the verification process will enable us to manage the account from a computer or other device with access to the Internet.


Maybe it’s better to set up a bank account via the Internet?

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Although setting up an account while visiting a bank branch is more time-consuming than opening the same account online, many people still value this method. Contact with a bank employee gives a sense of greater security and allows you to ask various types of questions freely. It is worth noting that not all banks allow you to open a personal account online, so sometimes a visit to a bank branch is often the only option.


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