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The demand for automotive powertrain systems is estimated to grow at over 6% CAGR between 2021 and 2031, with the market valuation exceeding $70 billion by the end of 2031. As automakers continue to introduce new models, automotive transmission systems are also evolving. As new car models emerge with more complex transmission systems, it can become difficult to find an automotive transmission specialist who can handle transmission repairs for new and aging vehicles. Adapted transmissions has over three decades of experience in various types of automotive repairs, but specializes in transmission repair services, serving the St. Louis area.

Transmission rebuilds can be expensive. Whether it’s a sports truck or a family van, the long-term health and performance of the vehicle is affected by transmission operation, and that includes both automatic and manual transmissions. Whether it’s the manual gear-lever shift system or the sleek automatic gearboxes, the transmission is a complicated mechanical system. Big, expensive repairs can be avoided if car owners regularly do basic maintenance, like checking for low transmission fluid levels.

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The Geared Up team shares this information, helping car owners avoid serious transmission problems. Likewise, the clutch needs careful consideration. Poor driving habits such as upshifting the clutch to not fully engage it when downshifting can also lead to undue wear. The Geared Up team helps vehicle owners understand how they can take simple corrective actions to avoid such issues. Not only transmission service and maintenance issues, the team also helps to check for the slightest symptoms of transmission damage, such as problems in the torque converter which often occur due to excessive revs. of the motor.

“Hands down the best transmission repair shop in St Louis. Kevin is honest and easy to work with and they know their stuff inside out. They never seem to be stumped with any auto repairs, especially transmission work. I know a few people who have had their transmissions rebuilt by them and everything has been fine with no complaints.-Jason M.

Often cars that arrive with transmission problems have other issues that can impact the performance of the car. The Geared Up team answers all these car repair requests. This also includes support for towing which can occur when people have driven too long with a deteriorated transmission system and become stuck with a vehicle breakdown. Operating in the St. Louis area, the team offers fast towing for these vehicles, ensuring the stress of being stuck halfway can be controlled and a quick fix can get the car back on track. road.

people looking transmission repair in Florissant MO may not realize that not all transmission service providers offer the same service bandwidth. While some only deal with transmission system replacements and installations, others only deal with transmission rebuild projects, while some only work for commercial fleet vehicles.

The Geared Up team brings all of these aspects of transmission work together under one roof, catering to larger commercial fleet owners and private car owners. Expect the team to share any aspect of the transmission repair process that a vehicle owner might want to know about, including assembly-disassembly, the condition of worn or damaged parts, or parts that require immediate replacement, with expert technicians explaining any faulty external or internal components.

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Geared Up Transmissions is family owned and operated, rooted in the greater St. Louis area. The Florissant-based transmission repair specialist listens to its customer and its team of automotive technicians use their experience of over 30 years to rebuild transmissions and repair poorly performing vehicles. The company has also launched a financing option to help car owners. See some of their reviews.

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