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The Magni Drive Store says drivers should consider buying road safety accessories with news that 2021 has seen more road accidents than any other year

An online car accessories store that won’t be beaten on price says drivers need to consider buying car safety accessories to stay safe on the roads. With news that there were more traffic accidents in 2021 than any other year, the Magni Drive Store ( said drivers should be extremely careful and vigilant when driving. were driving.

According to the new report, in 2021 there were 413,000 car accidents. The number of road deaths in 2021 has risen from 38,824 to 43,000. This is the highest figure in sixteen years. 14% of these accidents were caused by blind spots. This is why all vehicles should be equipped with a blind spot mirror.

A blind spot mirror is an important car accessory that allows drivers to clearly see what is happening from the side or behind, such as motorcycles. They also make changing lanes safer. Some automotive experts have said that if all vehicles had a blind spot mirror, there would be fewer accidents on the road.

A blind spot mirror is a very affordable car safety accessory that is available for just $14.99 ( They are easy to install and act as an extra pair of eyes while driving. Another blind spot mirror is the Stick-On Concave Blindspot Mirror ( which is priced at just $15.49. It may look small, but it’s a powerful blind spot mirror that’s also easy to install.

A large proportion of road accidents are caused by what is called distracted driving. This is where the driver gets distracted, such as using their cell phone or turning around to check on their young children in the back of the car. To help prevent distracted driving when transporting children in a vehicle, parents should install a suction cup mirror for baby monitoring.

A Car Baby Monitoring Suction Mirror ( which is priced at just $15.99. It’s easy to install and allows parents to watch their children without taking their eyes off the road.

The online store offers many car safety accessories, all of which are sold at their lowest price. Their prices are so low that they recently challenged Amazon to try and beat them. To view all available products and accessories, please visit

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