Crackdown on roadside repairs for added safety

The JMPD recently waged another crackdown on illegal roadside vehicle repairs that violate municipal bylaws.

The Retail Motor Industry Organization (RMI) has spoken out in support of these efforts, noting in particular the impact of these repairs on road safety and the challenges faced in ensuring a safer vehicle population on South African roads, as well as the negative impact on the integrity of the environment due to the release of hazardous, harmful and flammable substances into the air and water sources.

RMI’s regulatory compliance manager, Vishal Premlall, said operating under these conditions with little or no regulatory compliance, compromised parts, unskilled labor and poor working conditions, has a big impact. on the quality and safety of vehicles on our roads, not only for driver/passengers, but also for other road users. “It also puts these informal workers at risk, working in dangerous conditions,” he added.

Premlall said that, unfortunately, substandard repairs and cheaper parts seem to have a captive market for consumers wanting to buy low, but doing so comes with serious risk. RMI recently attended the national mandatory specification regulator’s destruction ceremony in Midrand, where R80 million worth of illegal automotive friction materials, which include brake components, were destroyed.

“These illegal parts, including brake pads and brake linings, do not comply with SABS safety standards and often enter our borders and end up in the market. It is deeply concerning to see the quality of some of the safety-critical parts that can often lead to tragic injuries and even death.

For several years, RMI has been a strong supporter of efforts to uplift informal automotive businesses through a special project under the auspices of the African National Association of Automotive Service Providers. The project supports the organization’s broader transformation agenda and provides developing, informal, black-owned small businesses with the mentorship needed in the auto repair and service aftermarket.

“Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of these automotive repairers and aftermarket service companies to meet and exceed industry standards for compliance, equipment, tools, infrastructure and appropriate qualified human resources. We appreciate and believe in the challenges SMEs face in their efforts to play a meaningful role in the mainstream of the automotive repair and service aftermarket industry. »

Over the years, RMI has made significant progress with the project and continues to drive it vigorously. He is nonetheless concerned about the lack of compliance and the growing number of roadside repairers who seem to be getting away with substandard repairs.

“We will soon be launching a Whistle Blower hotline, where cases of illicit trade can be reported. We all have a collective responsibility to uplift South Africa and join forces to help bring this growing concern under control.

Source: Cathy Findley PR

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