Benefit from ADAS services and calibration not only on targets

Industry statistics show that nearly 50% of the North American vehicle fleet will be equipped with advanced driver assistance (ADAS) by 2025. By 2030, the percentage of vehicles equipped with ADAS will be greater than 75%.

With the rapid growth in this field, Frank Terlepco-founder of Auto Techceleratorssaid collision repair facilities currently face many challenges performing ADAS services and calibrations.

The first is location. Based on industry data, Terlep said 80% of collision repair facilities do not have the space required to perform these services. They also need a commercial operating system, trained personnel, and equipment, which includes targeting systems, diagnostic tools, alignment systems, lifts, and more.

One of the biggest challenges is identifying a vehicle’s ADAS technologies and required calibrations, which Terlep noted most shops do poorly.

He shared a February find from Honda which identified 80% of the evaluations processed by CCC smart solutions that required calibration did not include a line item related to calibration.

In a recent webinar sponsored by Auto Techcelerators, Terlep shared some of what he thinks are the requirements for running a properly equipped ADAS calibration and service business.

Founded in 2019, Auto Techcelerators helps the automotive, collision, glass, insurance and truck industries correctly estimate, calibrate and validate ADAS systems, repairs and calibrations. Company’s Test Drive CoPilot™ Platform Chosen as One of 15 Semi-Finalist Solutions in 10th Annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Annual Launch Pad Competition.


For businesses planning to perform at least 10 ADAS calibrations or repairs per day, Terlep advised facilities to allocate at least 4,000 square feet.

“If you want to do calibrations properly, you can’t do them in a parking lot, under a tree, or in a space where there’s not enough room for the targets to be at the correct distance,” he said. -he explains.

Terlep recommended setting up…

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