autoTECH Blackhawk offers comprehensive auto repairs, tire offers and smog checks in Danville, CA

Danville, California: California, compared to other states, has the most stringent vehicle emissions regulations in the United States. As a licensee smog check technician, autoTECH Blackhawk offers testing before providing the customer with a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report (RIV). The shop offers repair services if the customer’s vehicle fails the emission test due to a dirty air filter, leaky fuel cap, faulty ignition system or an evaporative emission control system.

In addition to testing, diagnosing and educating car owners about the California Smog Check Rules, the shop offers complete car repairs. The ASE Certified Master Technician and trained team specialize in servicing all makes and models of cars whether they need simple maintenance or diagnostic repairs. Some of the repair services offered by the shop include oil changes, ozone and breather services, alignments, tires, computer reprogramming (for all models and makes), electrical diagnostics and engine lighting, suspension and air conditioning.

The first step to a successful repair is diagnosis, where experienced technicians carefully analyze electrical schematics, test other systems, and road test the car to find the root cause. In order to provide quality service to its customers, the workshop obtains parts of the highest quality, recommended by the manufacturer. autoTECH Blackhawk offers a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all repairs, allowing customers to return to the store if something goes wrong.

autoTECH Blackhawk also offers tire deals to customers interested in quality replacement parts for their cars, trucks, trailers, or and other industrial-grade ATVs. Regardless of the car, the store sells tires that improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and provide safe winter driving. The team also helps them find the right size and type for the car they drive. After finding the ideal replacements, the shop offers installation services, which include inflation pressure checks, tire balancing and rotation.

Additionally, the store helps customers customize their vehicles to capture their personality and install unique cosmetic touches. Whether the customer wants to add a performance exhaust, raise or lower the car, mud flaps or trailer hitches, the shop has an experienced team. Along with customizations, it offers backup cameras and accessories such as blind spot mirrors, performance engines, transmission parts and off-road lighting. The team also provides advisory services should the customer need further assistance in deciding how best to customize their vehicle for maximum performance.

Customers interested in comprehensive auto repairs, tire offers or smog checks can contact the company at (925) 736-3100. autoTECH Blackhawk is located at 3600 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA, 94506, USA. Visit the store’s website for more information.

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