6 accessories to get the most out of your robot vacuum

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You’ve finally splurged on a robot vacuum, but realized that your new toy needs a little maintenance.

From self-emptying to scratch protection, we’ve rounded up some essential accessories that will help you get the most out of your robot vacuum.

Must-have robot vacuum accessories if you own an Ecovacs

An Ecovacs automatic dump station

Image: Ecovacs

If you own an Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 robot vacuum, you’ve probably already realized how annoying and dusty it can be when it’s time to empty it.

The good news is that you don’t have to dump it yourself like a plebeian. Just grab a compatible Ecovacs automatic dump station, grab a few disposable dust bags, and say sayonara to runny noses and messy cleanups.

Or buy: Amazon ($399) | eBay ($399) | Ecovacs ($249.99)

Replacement filters and extra brushes

6 accessories to get the most out of your robot vacuum
Image: Chuancheng

While it’s recommended that you clean your robot vacuum’s brushes and filter every one to three months, you’ll need to replace them at least every six months. This is to ensure you get the best cleaning results, especially if you have to vacuum regularly due to pet hair or allergies.

Or buy: Amazon ($30) | Plug ($39.99) | eBay ($15.95)

Robovac Accessories if you have an iRobot Roomba

Spare parts

6 accessories to get the most out of your robot vacuum
Picture: eBay

If you have an iRobot vacuum, it always helps to have a bunch of attachments in case its side brushes break or fall off. Since any robovac’s side brushes are a crucial part of helping it find its way around your home, you can never have too many backups at your disposal.

This Amazon kit comes with eight side brushes and eight disposable dust bags, so you’ll never run out of supplies. However, a cheaper option is eBay’s iRobot Replacement Kit which includes eight dust bags but only six side brushes.

Or buy: Amazon ($54.99) | Plug ($40.70) | eBay ($46.98)

Robot vacuum accessories if you own a Roborock

Self-emptying dock

Roborock Auto Dump Station
Image: Roborock

Go from weekly to bi-weekly oil changes with this Roborock S7 automatic oil change station. When your smart vacuum has finished cleaning, it will return to its charging station, where its dump station will suck up all the dirt and dust it has collected.

This docking station also has an Intelligent Dust Collection feature, which means your robot vacuum will never empty if there’s no dustbin attached, and you can control how much it empties from the app. But our favorite thing about this automatic dump station is the fact that it can be used with or without a bag, eliminating the extra costs associated with buying extra dust bags.

Or buy: Amazon ($549) | Take ($489) | eBay ($599)

Replacement cleaning kit

6 accessories to get the most out of your robot vacuum

These Roborock sets come with everything you might need for about a year.

Not only will you receive two main cleaning brushes, four new filters, and additional side brushes, but the Amazon kit comes with four additional cleaning pads and additional cleaning tools.

Or buy: Amazon ($69) | Plug ($42.99) | eBay ($23.51)

More robovac accessories you didn’t know you needed

Virtual wall barrier

6 accessories to get the most out of your robot vacuum
Picture: iRobot

If you own an iRobot robovac, one of the main accessories you will need is this virtual wall barrier. This is especially useful if you have one of the older models that doesn’t allow you to set no-go zones.

Simply place an iRobot Virtual Wall Barrier in front of the room you wish to avoid and it will project an invisible wall to prevent your Roomba from entering forbidden territory. It even has a Halo mode, designed to protect household items like expensive vases or even your pet’s food bowls from collisions.

Or buy: Amazon ($79.59) | Capture ($69.95) | eBay ($69.95)

Boundary strip

Boundary strip for robot vacuum cleaners
Image: Nispira

Obviously, if you don’t have a compatible Roborock vacuum, this virtual wall barrier is pretty useless. Luckily, another trick you can use is magnetic boundary tape. A short snip of this strip on any door will define a clear no-go area for your robot vacuum to avoid.

You can even stick some on the floor around any valuable item to prevent your robot vacuum from knocking over anything or scratching itself.

Or buy: Amazon ($41.22) | Capture ($49.57) | eBay ($17.88)

Cover for robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum covers
Image: Etsy/RoboRascals

One of the most fun parts of owning a robot vacuum is naming one. From Optimus Grime to R2-D2, everyone loves injecting some of their personality into their new robot minion.

But if you want to take it a step further, you’ll need to get one of these adorable animal-themed covers from Etsy, which will help protect your robovac from dust and accidental bumps. This brand is compatible with Eufy, Roborocks, Roombas from iRobot and DEEBOT from Ecovacs.

Or buy: Etsy ($46.83)

Removable bumpers

6 accessories to get the most out of your robot vacuum
Picture: eBay

Removable bumpers are a complete game-changer. When we pitted two Ecovacs robot vacuums against each other recently, we found both managed to retain scratches on their respective sensors after hitting floor tiles and raised steps.

So if you’re worried about your robot vacuum getting damaged, it’s a good idea to stick some handy protective bumpers on it to prevent future collisions.

Or buy: eBay ($11.19)

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