Fantastik Auto Repair provides affordable and fast auto repairs and services using the latest techniques

Fantastik Auto Repair has been known to provide auto repairs and service in Honolulu for over decades. It has expert mechanics who use the latest techniques to provide affordable, fast and reliable service.

Founded by John Yeung in 1976 in Kakaako, Fantastik auto repair has maintained its superior service. As a result, he has gained a loyal following over time. It is now located in the center of Kalihi and now John’s children run the auto repair shop.

Fantastik Auto Repair’s experienced team never compromises with their customer service. And it helps and educates customers to increase the life of their vehicles. Thanks to its quality and fast auto repair service, the auto repair shop has grown significantly over time.

Fantastik Auto Repair helps auto owners in Oahu get quality repair and service for their vehicles. The auto repair shop has professional mechanics who have over 100 years of combined experience. They use the latest techniques in repairing damaged vehicles.

Since the auto repair shop uses advanced technology and premium materials, it produces the best results for auto owners. Not only that, Fantastik Auto Repair does not charge a high amount for its auto repairs and services.

The car engine repair specialists at Fantastik Auto Repair in Honolulu focus on manufacturing warranty. Moreover, they follow a customer-centric approach in providing auto repair services to their customers. Before offering their auto repair service, they first discuss all the options with the customers.

And they provide full information on every step they would take. As a result, they deliver a vehicle in better condition than before. Fantastik Auto Repair understands how important a car is to its owner. Thus, the Honolulu auto repair shop provides prompt service by making all repairs on time.

Fantastik auto repair address and location on the map:

Fantastik auto repair

2031 Colburn Street, Honolulu, HI 96819

(808) 842-3777

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