Automotive Parts Associates partners with Elite EXTRA Dispatch Software

Automotive Parts Associates (APA) is partnering with dispatch software company Elite EXTRA to provide shareholders with local logistics solutions to maximize every aspect of the delivery process.

Elite EXTRA’s advanced shipping order management system enables users to increase delivery efficiency and driver productivity by providing route sequence optimization and real-time GPS tracking, while that customers benefit from accurate tracking and estimated arrival times to move business forward.

“We look forward to building our relationship with Elite EXTRA as another important tool in APA’s portfolio of technology resources available to shareholders to increase efficiency and productivity,” said Rick Caiello, director of technology and business development management for APA. “With several APA shareholders already using the Elite EXTRA system, they already have our needs in mind and, combined with their understanding of the auto parts industry, our partnership is a perfect fit. ”

The cloud-based Elite EXTRA platform is designed to increase customer satisfaction, identify inefficiencies to improve profitability, increase driver accountability while streamlining distribution and execution with valuable features that save time. time and are customizable for any industry.

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