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Monsoon season has arrived and we all want to get out of our car during the rain to enjoy the beautiful weather with our friends and family. When it rains, driving becomes a bit more difficult as visibility decreases, the roads become slippery, the tires require more friction, the brakes need to be updated and an air freshener is needed to keep the foul odor outside. For that, you need the best auto accessories that are easy to install, durable and have reliable performance.

So, if you are looking for the best auto accessories for the rainy seasons, take a look at some of the best shopping options available online in India:

Best auto accessories for the rainy season


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Check out this incredible gray CARMATE body cover. This car body cover is double stitched using premium fabric, which ensures its breathable nature and resistance to dirt. Along with this, the offered car cover is available with windproof straps and buckles. This body cover comes with a side mirror and antenna pockets. Available in the dimension 16 x 12 x 4.5 cm, this car cover weighs approximately 3.6 kg. Price: Rs 3,376.

Check out this awesome LED car ashtray from HANDCRAFTSVILLA. Made of premium stainless steel, this car ashtray will prevent you from opening your vehicle window and throwing trash inside. Appreciated for its sleek, smoke-free design, this car ashtray comes with an LED light inside and has a snuffer holder. Price: Rs 599.

Check out this PORTRONICS bluetooth receiver that ensures smooth hands-free calling when driving in the rainy season. You can easily stream music from your phone to your car stereo system and also make or receive calls with clear sound inside your vehicle. Simple to use, this car Bluetooth receiver features voice assistant technology and is known for its portability. Price: Rs 1499.

Use this SOFTSPUN microfiber cloth which is just perfect for wiping the raindrops off your car during the rainy season. This microfiber cloth is sewn using polyester, nylon, cotton and alloy fibers. Available in a solid pattern, this microfiber cloth is valued for its ultra-soft nature, non-abrasive function and high performance. Price: Rs 269.

Since during the monsoon season you need to make sure your car’s brakes are working perfectly, this brake fluid is a great automotive product to get. Available in the quantity of 250ml, this car brake fluid is made from high quality glycol ethers, alkyl polyglycols and polyglycerol esters. This car brake fluid comes with inhibitors to prevent rusting of metal brake components and to reduce oxidation at high temperatures. Price Rs 397.

Compatible with Tata Tiago, this Caro Manic rain door visor is a great shopping option to have. Available in a set of 4 pieces, this rain protection door visor is designed with high quality ABS plastic and is known for its superior workmanship, reliable performance and long service life. The offered rain protection door visor acts as a sun visor on the side of the vehicle. Price: Rs 699.

Get this amazing waterproof car wrap from DESTELLO which comes in a 2 piece set. The offered car film comes with HD nano-coating, exhibiting high transmittance of 99%. This car rear view mirror rain shield is waterproof in nature and is known for its anti-glare and stain-proof function. The offered product comes with three PET protective membranes and a hydrophobic nano-adhesive layer. Price: Rs 327.

Bosch offers this awesome wiper blade that comes in a 2-piece set. Obtaining this car wiper blade will ensure that your vehicle’s windshield is properly cleaned during the rain. The proposed wiper blade is available in a 40 x 5 x 5 cm format and is appreciated for its double micro-wiping edge. Price: Rs 367.

Check out more car accessories for the rainy seasons here.

Disclaimer: Journalists from The Times of India were not involved in the production of this article. The prices of the products mentioned in the article are subject to change depending on the offers offered by Amazon.

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